THE PATH is an urban fantasy digital series and a “hosted” social experience that aims to stimulate viewers to participate in conversations around the show and create fan works through a low-barrier platform. Developed by Smokebomb Entertainment, The Path is a fully interactive, multi-platform experience that includes the viewer in the creation of a story world.

The Creative Team

  • Kay Reindl & Erin Maher

    Creators of THE PATH

    Both native Californians, Erin Maher and Kay Reindl met while working as assistants in the story department at Universal Pictures and became television writers when they were hired for the second season of Millennium. Since then, they have been on staff of numerous shows, including Legend of the Seeker, Haunted and The Twilight Zone. They’ve written freelance episodes for Moonlight and The Dead Zone, sold six television pilots and were selected as participants in the Writer’s Guild’s prestigious Showrunner Training Program.

    Recently, they’ve written episodes of Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated and Beware the Batman, a new animated Batman show that will air in 2013.

    If time travel was real, they would travel back to the 1960s and buy career romance books (with dust jackets) and vintage Barbies, mint in box.

    Their perfect movie is The Parent Trap, Hayley Mills version.

    Connect with Kay @kayReindl and Erin @EpMaher

  • Jay Bennett

    Creative Director/ VP of Digital

    Jay Bennett is an Emmy award-winning Transmedia creator, producer and writer with a distinct focus on creating engaging stories to attract and retain mainstream audiences across all platforms. He has worked for clients such as the BBC, Disney, CTV, FOX, and UKTV.

    As Vice-President and Creative Director of Smokebomb Entertainment – the digital arm of the Shaftesbury - Jay’s body of work includes Creating and Producing Totally Amp’d the world’s first App series for iPad, iTouch and iPhone; Creative Producing the International Emmy Nominated 13-part web series Murdoch Mysteries: The Curse of the Lost Pharaohs for City; Creating and Producing Backpackers for CW Digital and CTV and Executive Producing State of Syn – a 3D Motion Comic.

    Jay holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Victoria. He has worked in India, the UK, the Netherlands and Canada and has had further media training with the National Film Board of Canada and the Canadian Film and Television Producers Association. He presented on numerous convergent and Transmedia panels around the globe including StoryCode in New York, Short Ride in a Fast Machine in Amsterdam, MIPJunior in Cannes and Transmedia 3.0 in Bogota, Columbia.

    Connect with Jay @BennettJay

  • Lauren Bird

    The Creative Room host

    Lauren Bird is the Creative Media Coordinator for the Harry Potter Alliance (HPA), a non-profit that uses parallels from the Harry Potter books to educate and mobilize youth toward civic engagement. She also films weekly video blogs on the HPA’s YouTube channel, discussing topics across the fandom spectrum, from voting rights to fan fiction.

    She has spoken on several transmedia and fan activism panels including Futures of Entertainment at MIT and TEDxWomen in Washington D.C.

    She received her Bachelor’s degree in Comparative Literature from the College of Arts and Science at New York University, where she focused on Documentary Filmmaking and Cinema Studies.

    Connect with Lauren @laurenthebird

  • Veronica Heringer

    Transmedia Strategist

    An award-winning digital strategist experienced in creating integrated campaigns for local and international brands and non-profit organizations, Veronica Heringer serves as Transmedia Strategist for Smokebomb Entertainment. For The Path, she’s responsible for the overall strategy related to The Creative Room session and community outreach.

    Veronica holds a Bachelor of Arts from Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), and recently completed a Masters of Arts in Media Production at Ryerson University. She has presented on various social media and transmedia conferences across Canada including Primetime in Ottawa 2012, PodCamp Toronto and #NETCulture, and often guest lecturers at Ryerson University.

    Connect with Veronica @vheringer

  • Carrie Hayden

    Community Cultivator

    As Community Cultivator Carrie Hayden is responsible for managing The Path’s social media channels and making sure that your questions don’t go unanswered. She is the voice behind our tweets, facebook updates, tumblr posts and emails.

    Carrie has been with Smokebomb Entertainment’s parent company Shaftesbury since 2008, most recently in the role of Sales & Marketing Coordinator where she facilitated the organization of multiple international sales markets, including MIPCOM and MIPTV, and assisted in the production of marketing materials for all sales properties. Carrie studied at Wilfred Laurier University in Communication Studies, and is currently working towards a certificate in Graphic Design at George Brown College.

    Connect with Carrie @CarrieHayden87

  • Steph Ouaknine

    The Creative Room Producer

    Steph Ouaknine is Smokebomb’s official fan girl. She is also the mastermind behind The Creative Room live streamed-session.

    Steph’s recent projects include Supervising Producer on State of Syn, the 3D motion comic and it’s transmedia extensions, coordinating the social media launch of the award-winning Totally Amp’d, as well as convergent properties Murdoch Effect and Switch. Steph is also responsible for developing new material for Smokebomb’s original slate.

    Prior to Smokebomb, Steph was a drama development intern at Shaw Media. By night, she produces and directs independent theatre and has worked for such companies as Interpunch in France, New Actor’s Colony Theatre in Muskoka, Player’s in Montreal, and Alumnae in Toronto. She is a graduate of McGill University and Sheridan College.

    Connect with Steph @StephInTeevee