THE PATH is an urban fantasy digital series and a “hosted” social experience that aims to stimulate viewers to participate in conversations around the show and create fan works through a low-barrier platform. Developed by Smokebomb Entertainment, The Path is a fully interactive, multi-platform experience that includes the viewer in the creation of a story world.

About The Path

We’ve all been there that first day at a new school, terrified we won’t fit in and that we’ll be labeled with an unshakable designation that will follow us forever: Geek. Goth. Brain. Jock.


This is the shocking truth facing Delaney Connors, a level-headed, practical girl who discovers that everything she knows about herself is a lie. Her parents have been keeping a huge secret from her, the cute neighbour is great with a sword, the school’s queen bitch can turn her opponents into frogs, and her artsy new school is a gateway to a hidden world of magic. If this wasn’t enough, Delaney has to learn to master frightening magical powers before an ancient war spills over into our world. And then there’s her chemistry final…

Created by Kay Reindel and Erin Maher (Millennium, Legend of the Seeker), The Path is an urban fantasy - mixing the quirky sensibilities of “Veronica Mars” with “Once Upon a Times” modern approach to retelling classic fantasy.

About Smokebomb

Story first. That’s Smokebomb.

Smokebomb Entertainment is an award-winning digital media production company creating groundbreaking original transmedia projects and engaging convergent extensions for TV. We are the digital arm of production and distribution company Shaftesbury .

Recent projects include the award-winning Totally Amp’d – the world's first App series for tween on iOS -, the International Emmy-nominated Murdoch Mysteries: The Curse of the Lost Pharaohs, and the soon to be released Unlikely Heroes on Smokebomb is currently in production on the buddy road trip comedy Backpackers for CW and CTV and State of Syn, an innovative transmedia 3D motion comic with Jewel State (Firefly; L.A. Complex) David Hewlett (Stargate SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis).

Early next year, Smokebomb will continue to experiment with new formats and audience participation. Starting in February, Millennial and Legend of the Seeker writers Kay Reindl and Erin Maher will connect with their audience via a "hosted" social experience throughout the development of the urban-fantasy The Path. In addition, we will be debuting new distribution strategies with the physiological thriller Inhuman Condition.